Bronnen van de Antwerpse geschiedenis

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Hieronder staat het overzicht van alle gebruikte citaten uit deze bron. Om meer te weten te komen over de andere bronnen voor één gebeurtenis, kan je op de naam naast het blauwe icoon klikken.

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In November 878 after the death of Charles the Bald, his heir, Louis the Stammerer, and the latter's cousin Louis the Younger promised each other to respect the succession of their respective sons and to issue no claims contrary to that, at Voeren (Fourons in French).

This Treaty of Fouron was soon put to the test, when Louis the Stammerer died in April 879. A party of western nobles led by Abbot Joscelin invited Louis the Younger to succeed to the rule of the western kingdom. Since his wife Luitgard also advocated heeding this call, Louis invaded West Francia. He marched as far as Verdun, but after the new kings Louis III and Carloman ceded their part of Lotharingia to the invader, Louis retreated.

In February 880, this gain was confirmed by the Treaty of Ribemont, signed near Saint Quentin. This treaty determined the border of the two kingdoms that were to remain unchanged until the fourteenth century.

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