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Uitgeverij: The Roman Empire



circa 295

The northwestern territories over which he was granted rule, were perhaps the most difficult area one could have been given at the time. For Britain and the Channel coast of Gaul were in the hands of Carausius' break-away empire and his allies, the Franks.

During the summer of AD 293 Constantius drove out the Franks and then, after a hard-fought siege, conquered the city of Gesoriacum (Boulogne), which crippled the enemy and eventually brought Carausius' downfall. But the break-away realm did not immediately collapse. It was Allectus, Carausius' murderer, who now continued its rule, although since the fall of Gesoriacum it was hopelessly enfeebled.

But Constantius was not about to rashly charge into Britain and risk losing any advantage he had gained. He took no less than two years to consolidate his position in Gaul, dealing with any remaining allies of the enemy, and to prepare his invasion force. Alas, in AD 296 his invasion fleet left Gesoriacum (Boulogne).

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