Bronnen van de Antwerpse geschiedenis

Website: Chlothar II

Hieronder staat het overzicht van alle gebruikte citaten uit deze bron. Om meer te weten te komen over de andere bronnen voor één gebeurtenis, kan je op de naam naast het blauwe icoon klikken.

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Clothar died on 18 October 629 at age 45, and was buried, like his father, in the Saint Vincent Basilica of Paris, later incorporated in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés. His rule lasted longer than any other Merovingian king save for his grandfather Chlothar I. He left the crown greatly reduced in power, with more power resting among the nobles, and paved the way for the rise of the mayors and the rois fainéants.

The Neustrian aristocracy chose King Caribert, the half-brother of Dagobert, as king. However, Dagobert was supported by the Austrasians and Burgundians, and soon reigned over all three domains. Caribert formed his own kingdom composed of Aquitaine territories.

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