Bronnen van de Antwerpse geschiedenis

Website: Bernard of Septimania

Hieronder staat het overzicht van alle gebruikte citaten uit deze bron. Om meer te weten te komen over de andere bronnen voor één gebeurtenis, kan je op de naam naast het blauwe icoon klikken.

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During Charles the Bald's campaign in Aquitaine (842), he decided to punish Bernard, dispossessing him of the county of Toulouse in favor of Acfred (July). Bernard, however, refused to accept the decision and revolted, openly allying himself to Pepin II and expelling Acfred from Toulouse (843). Charles responded by sending the dux Guerin of Provence, who in 842 directed the campaign in Aquitaine, against Septimania.

Various other events - renewed Viking invasions and Breton raids - compelled an end to the internal civil struggles afflicting the Empire and, in August 843, the Treaty of Verdun was signed between the three brothers: Charles, Louis, and Lothair. Septimania and Gothia were left in the hands of Charles the Bald. The county of Uzès, where Bernard still possessed estates, was assigned to Lothair. Furthermore, the county of Autun, which had long been lost to Bernard, and to which his son had renewed a claim, was given to Guerin.

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