Bronnen van de Antwerpse geschiedenis

Website: Battle of Châlons

Hieronder staat het overzicht van alle gebruikte citaten uit deze bron. Om meer te weten te komen over de andere bronnen voor één gebeurtenis, kan je op de naam naast het blauwe icoon klikken.

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Aurelian, having subdued revolts in the eastern Roman Empire, began preparing to reconquer the Gallic Empire by early 274. Meanwhile, Tetricus' hold on his domain was steadily weakening, facing continuous raids from German tribes and internal troubles with the rebellion of Faustinus, a provincial governor. Tetricus ordered his troops to leave the Rhine and march southward, where they met the Roman army in the Catalunian fields of Châlons-sur-Marne. Aurelian's army was better trained and well commanded, and when Tetricus was captured in the midst of the fighting, the Rhine army disintegrated and was torn apart by Aurelian's troops. The battle was remembered for years for its high death toll.

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