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Boek: Aetius: Attila's Nemesis

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Auteur: Ian Hughes

Uitgeverij: Casemate Publishers



circa 390

C. 390 - Birth of Aetius. Spends early life in the tribuni praetoriani partis militaris

445 - Aetius ambushes the Franks at Vicus Helena. Peace treaty agreed between the West and the Franks.

445 - Clodio/Chlogio - King of the Franks, in 445 the Franks were defeated.

445 - In 445, along with Aetius, Majorian defeated the Franks at Vicus Helena.

445 - It is most likely that the fighting involved Clodio himself, as well as his relatives, and that the outcome was that Clodio was willing to negotiate for the release of captives, and possibly his treasury, rather than continue the war. The other point to be made is the small scale of the warfare being fought most of the time in this period. Although in the earlier empire baffles would be fought with large numbers of men, by the fifth century the majority of campaigns will have been fought using at most a few thousand men.
After the defeat of the Franks a peace treaty was agreed. It is possibly at this time that Cologne and Trier were finally returned to Roman rule after their capture by the Franks in 437. In celebration of this military and political success, in 445 and 446 Aetius issued coins from the mint at Trier celebrating the victory.

The request from Honoria wasn't the only diplomatic activity in the west in which Attila was embroiled. The king of the Franks had died. At an unknown date his younger son had been sent on an embassy to Rome. He had been befriended by Aetius, who had adopted him as his son, promised to support him in his claim to the throne and then sent him home laden with gifts. This was a shrewd move by Aetius. An alliance with the Franks would eliminate the need to station troops in the north east of Gaul and allow him to use them in other theatres of war. Further, the alliance would result in the Franks themselves protecting the northern frontiers against tribes from further inside Germania.

When the Frankish king died, the younger son seized the throne. The support of Aetius had proved to be decisive, so the elder son of the Frankish king decided to appeal to the only power that could oppose Aetius. He went to Attila and asked for the Hun's support in his claim to the throne. Any attempt to support the elder son would break Attila's agreement with the West and precipitate war.

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